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Lucca is a historic center of extraordinary charm which preserves precious testimonies of Roman, medieval and Renaissance ages. The intact wall that surrounds the town protected it from the nearby historic rivals Pisa and Florence and nowadays it's an extraordinary witness of military engineering of 1500's; it is the preferred circuit for jogging and scenic walks and bastions and embrasures hosting conferences and exibitions of all kinds. The Roman amphitheater with its extraordinary transformations of the Middle Ages is a unique jewel in the world able to bring back magical sensations. The luxurious villas in the countryside gives witness of the wealth of the ancient's silk trade. Lucca is certainly in the heart of one of the major historical and cultural areas of Tuscany, however it's a secluded area, differently than the more commercial tourist circuits.

But not only art and culture: THE SEA OF 'VERSILIA', the gastronomy of the many small restaurants hidden in the green hills, the prestigious wines of ancient vineyards, the healing waters of the nearby spas, makes Lucca a compelling tourist destination of special quality.

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Piazza S. Michele is historically the political and administrative center of the city

Amphitheater square:
In Roman times it was a little "Colosseum" in which it held gladiatorial games;
In the Middle Ages the ancient arches were closed, raised and transformed into homes, giving the structure a unique shape that sets it apart.




The palace of Guinigi family, lords of Lucca in the 15th century
and the tower contains trees that characterizes it.

The walls of Lucca:
imposing defensive structure of the 16th century, reached intact and perfectly preserved to this day.
Its existence has deterred the enemy from attempting to take over the city, allowing Lucca retain its status of autonomous republic, practically until the Unification of Italy '.